Will my windows and doors meet the new H1 Standard?

All our Windows and Doors meet or exceed the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and New Zealand Standards; NZS4211, Performance of Windows, and NZS4223, Glazing in Buildings - Parts 1-4 incl.

Can I see what my windows and doors will look like?

We know sometimes it can be hard to envision what your selections will look like. We have an extensive showroom to help with just that. We encourage you to come in, look and feel the hardware, open the doors, and browse the full colour range.

Check out the Our Work page for inspiration.

How does your process work?

1. Request a quote via our website or give our friendly team a call. We can quote from a showroom consultation, provided plans or a site visit.

2. Select the options that best suit your needs.

3. Receive and finalise the quote.

4. Return your signed quote agreement, and we will schedule in your job.

What is ThermalHEART®?

Innovative ThermalHEART® window and door technology incorporates a polyamide strip in the core of the aluminium window system to deliver almost double the performance of standard double glazing*, creating warmer, drier and healthier homes.

Discover more about ThermalHEART® here.

Do you have stock items or seconds I can purchase?

No, everything is manufactured to order.

What different glass options can I get?

The AGP System® is a double-glazed unit which is made using world class components and industry leading technology. The panes of glass are processed using a highly automated, precision process to ensure their high quality.

Solux-E® and Solux Ultra™ are low emissivity (Low-E) coatings on the glass, which are virtually invisible. They improve the level of insulation of the home.

Low-emissivity glass is now a requirement for new builds, as per clause H1 Energy Efficiency of the New Zealand Building Code.

Privacy glass is a popular option especially on bathroom windows. Take a look at the different options here (link)

Do you offer entry door digital lock options?

Yes! Our team can recommend a selection of electronic lock options to best suit your needs.

Should I choose a Slider, French doors of Bi-fold?

Our team is happy to chat with you about what solution may work best on your project.

Sliding doors - When closed, large glass panels and narrow frames maximise views, Increase indoor-outdoor flow with flush sills.

Bi-Fold doors – Fold open for undisturbed views, suitable for large spans.

French doors – Have both Open-In and Open-Out configurations. Multi-point locking is available with most hardware options.

Can you install cat doors?

If you require a pet door, we can easily install one during the manufacturing process.

We can only retrofit a pet door on units we have manufactured.

Do you offer installation?

We can provide a quote for installation if your project is within our installation scope. We work closely with a number of local builders who we can also recommend to you for building works and installation.

What is the warranty period?

In accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY, a warranty for all First Windows & Doors products is provided, under normal conditions of use, against failure of materials and/or workmanship for a period of 5 years from the date of practical completion.

The surface finishing of the aluminium extrusion is covered by a separate Performance Warranty which is dependent on the actual finish selected.

A window and door hardware/component warranty protects against defects in manufacturing, functionality and surface finish for a period of 5 years, provided care and maintenance guidelines have been followed. Plated (soft) finishes are excluded from the warranty.

Warranty is subject to correct installation as outlined in the Building Code Acceptable Solution Clause E2/AS1 External Moisture or an approved alternative solution.

Do you offer supply only contacts?

Yes, we do. But remember, installation is important! We have several builders who we can recommend.

Do you sell Fly and Security screens?

No. If local to the Manawatu we recommended www.wmhp.co.nz .