Improve air quality in your home with passive ventilation

Nobody likes entering areas of their home and catching a whiff of a musky odour from stale air trapped within your walls. This is why sufficient ventilation is a must-have as poor air quality in your house can be just as dangerous as it is uncomfortable.

Let’s delve in to how you can upgrade your home’s airflow capabilities and what passive ventilation is all about.

Why use a passive ventilation system?

Lack of proper ventilation is not only unpleasant to live with but can cause concern for yours and your family’s health as your home becomes a breeding ground for mould and mildew after just a short time of windows and doors being shut tight.

The idea of it is to not let too much heat escape while simultaneously letting in adequate amounts of fresh, clean air.

Passive ventilation will:

  • Allow fresh air to flow freely through the building
  • Makes for a healthier living environment
  • Reduces energy consumption – indoor temperature is controlled more easily and efficiently.

Utilising doors and windows are the best way to passively ventilate your home with Metro Windows and Doors supplying three high-performing systems.


This one is quite a simple mechanism that’s installed in a window that opens from the bottom. It also:

  • Is designed to be a hidden vent
  • Features a sliding shutter to manually open and close the vents
  • Is equipped with a small mesh insect guard, letting the clean, crisp air in while keeping those pesky bugs out!


Similar in simplicity to the Sashvent, the Aerovent enhances your home’s airflow much the same but is a little more visually appealing in its design. Ideal for sliding doors, the Aerovent system has:

  • An inside cover doubling as a vent that can be manually operated.
  • A construction that allows for air to be pushed upwards to stop unwanted draughts.
  • A mesh insect guard that’s also hidden.
  • Been specifically built for cross-ventilation and maximum airflow purposes.


The Ventient is a much more sophisticated passive ventilation system. It is generally recommended for installation in upmarket residential and commercial properties or in buildings where an extreme lack of fresh airflow exists.

The Ventient:

  • Is a 100% automated passive ventilation system – there’s no need to physically touch it or even plug it in. No electricity or sensor equipment necessary.
  • Features an internal component and uses a trickle-like operation to allow air in depending on the immediate outside temperature.
  • Is installed in both APL Architectural Series and Metro Series ranges of doors and windows.
  • Also features advanced filters for dust and other dirt particles in addition to a mesh insect screen.

If you believe your home isn’t well-ventilated and would like to experience what it’s like to breathe easy again, don’t put it off any longer! Nothing beats coming home to fresh, clean air while being able to maintain a comfortable temperature during the cooler seasons.

Drop us a line today and discuss our passive ventilation options with your local window and door replacement experts!

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