Create great indoor-outdoor flow

Whether you’re a homebody or an adventurist, New Zealander’s just can’t seem to get enough of the great outdoors.

The peace, tranquillity and relaxation that comes from sitting out on a deck or in a courtyard is a favourite pastime enjoyed by many. However, when it comes to indoor-outdoor airflow, your home may not be set up as well as it could be.

So, what can we do to improve our living spaces even more? Let’s look at some pointers and why they’re so important.


Without sounding too technical, windows are the primary contributing factor to how we feel whilst indoors. We’re enjoying the inside living areas while the natural light and fresh air flow determines our mood and overall happiness – we bet you’ve never thought about it that way though, right?

Also, the temperature of that fresh air influences your comfort levels too. I.e. a cool breeze flowing through on a warm, Summer’s day is undoubtably welcomed, much like warmth from the sunlight on a brisk morning.

While style is important, your health and wellbeing are critical. Airflow management can help reduce the mould or mildew build-up in certain high-risk areas.

Louvres are a great accessory to windows as well as they help direct and manage the airflow to your liking and helps to reduce condensation in the room. They also allow you to leave them open whilst it’s raining to take in that crisp, fresh smell we all love – not in a torrential downpour of course.

Another good tip is to install bi-folding windows that fold back against either side of the house and tend to suit second story rooms fairly well.

If you’re looking to replace your windows it’d be wise to consider your placement and configuration options in the process. Choosing the correct window configurations along with the right placements can dramatically improve your indoor-outdoor airflow.

In some cases, replacing a window with another window just won’t solve the problem. Perhaps you need to do a little renovating and put a door in there!


Depending on your home’s design, bi-fold or sliding doors may be the answer to any indoor-outdoor air flow problems. Oftentimes outdoor entertaining and deck areas leading directly into kitchens and living rooms are hotspots for these types of issues.

Sliding or bi-folding doors as opposed to the single standard backyard screen door are a world of improvement to your entire house. Opening an area up into what was essentially two smaller areas will allow air to transition through more smoothly and rapidly. You now have better walk-through access and have an unobstructed view from outside to inside as well from the larger glass panels.

Some bi-folding sliding door systems feature a hinged door making opening up every glass panel unnecessary.

So, maybe it’s time you renovated a little and maximised your house’s airflow quality. With a brochure of virtually endless choices, be sure to give us a call today to discuss possible options to enhance your home’s indoor-outdoor airflow, or any other window or door replacement needs!

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