Choose the right colour and surface finish for your aluminium joinery

Choose the Right Product Consider your environment and site conditions, especially if your home is coastal. Your site location will determine the performance requirements of your surface finish Choose the Right Colour There are many colour options to choose from.  A good place to start is our popular colour range of 35 colours.  If you […]

Benefits of Double Glazing

Benefits of Double-Glazing While we may not give it much thought, doors and windows aren’t just entrances and airways to our homes. They do in fact serve other purposes, and the type of glass along with the choice of configuration will have an impact on your comfort levels inside your living space. We’re going to […]

Create great indoor-outdoor flow

Whether you’re a homebody or an adventurist, New Zealander’s just can’t seem to get enough of the great outdoors. The peace, tranquillity and relaxation that comes from sitting out on a deck or in a courtyard is a favourite pastime enjoyed by many. However, when it comes to indoor-outdoor airflow, your home may not be […]

Improve air quality in your home with passive ventilation

Nobody likes entering areas of their home and catching a whiff of a musky odour from stale air trapped within your walls. This is why sufficient ventilation is a must-have as poor air quality in your house can be just as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. Let’s delve in to how you can upgrade your […]